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At Sundance 2010, humanity will begin to Synchronize.  In an effort to rebuild the bridges to our World Community, a partnership of socially-conscious media organizations are coming together to raise awareness for the good of humanity.

The Synchronize Concert Series, the unofficial music festival of Sundance 2010, will be hosting a series of music, film and media events at the exclusive Crown on Main, in Park City, Utah.  Starting January 21st, Oasis Entertainment in association with the Crown Group, will host 10 days of exclusive events to raise awareness for humanity, featuring celebrity guests, industry panels and musical artists from around the globe.

Come celebrate the beginning of a new decade of change during the Sundance Film Festival at Synchronize.  Oasis Entertainment is setting the stage for a global alliance; connecting philanthropists, human rights and social reform activists along with global leaders, social media networks, celebrity philanthropists, musicians and artists to communicate beyond the borders and collaborate with a newly celebrated World Community of open ideas and innovations.

In this world of change, there are just a few trying to rebuild the bridges of humanity.  Harpo, Soliya and Oasis Entertainment are leading the way. Get ready to Synchronize.


Soliya, now officially recognized by the UN and supported by HM Queen Noor of Jordan, will be raising funds for their ground-breaking program aimed at promoting global communication among university students.  

College students in many countries, including the United States, are now connected through Soliya, a program that gives bright, young minds a chance to solve problems by connecting East and West to address the most pressing global issues concerning humanity today.  Mr. Shamil Idriss, CEO of Soliya, points out that “in a time when media plays a highly influential role in shaping peoples’ viewpoints on political, social and cultural issues, new social media offers the possibility to have an impact on a much larger scale than anything that was possible before with traditional media alone.”


Crown on Main

Bringing East and West even closer together, Synchronize will also host a screening of the first Bollywood film to be premiered during the Sundance Film Festival.  Peepli Live (is being widely received, as it comes on the heels of the award-winning film, Slumdog Millionaire.  Bombay pop princess, Mehnaz, will also be featured at Synchronize with her band Manooghi Hi.

Crown on Main

Syncronized 20092009

At the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, Oasis Entertainment organized a benefit concert to raise funds for the rebuilding of the SANTIAGO ATITLAN HOSPITOL. On October 5, 2005 a landslide in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, killed hundreds of people and left thousands homeless. The Hospitalito was hit with a six foot wall of mud and largely destroyed. Vashon Island, which lies in Puget Sound just outside of Seattle, is the sister city of Santiago Atitlan.


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